About The K Family Kitchen in Regina, SK

Established in the 1980s by current owner Ernie Kouros’ parents, The K Family Kitchen is reminiscent of your own family’s kitchen. As a well-established, people-oriented, full-service restaurant, The K Family Kitchen turns out home-style cooking which keeps its diverse clientele coming back again and again.

Ernie, his wife Robyn and their daughter Ava have built on the Kouros family’s established reputation for home-style cooking using only the freshest ingredients. The Kouros family’s unbending rule to make every meal only from scratch makes The K Family Kitchen is what it is today – a full-service restaurant for everyone.

Ernie and Robyn guarantee that exactly what you order is delivered to your table fresh, hot and in record time. “You never leave The K Family Kitchen hungry, either'” said Ernie. “We make sure you’re full and satisfied when you visit us; our portions are hearty. Your time here with us is well spent and your appetite is satiated, just like at home.”

The K Family Kitchen offers a wide range of  breakfast, lunch, and dinner selections. The breakfast menu itself keeps customers coming back. Bennies, pancakes and “skillet scrambles” of home-style hash browns, peppers and onions, eggs, and a choice of bacon, ham or sausage are sure to satisfy. The lunch and dinner menus also offer a variety of dishes with many combinations and variations. At The K Family Kitchen, you can customize your meal to your personal taste. “Charlie’s Favourite” is a staple on the menu. “Charlie was a loyal and regular customer,” explained Ernie. “He’s no longer with us, but we always remember what our special customers like best.”

New customers keep on coming through the doors, soon becoming loyal customers. The K Family Kitchen welcomes you seven days a week, from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. in their homey atmosphere so you can enjoy their home-cooked fare when you want it. “We’re busy, but that’s what our customers like about us – we’re here when your family wants to drop in, and the coffee is always on,” said Ernie. Ralph and Sharon, two loyal customers who regularly drop in for a satisfying meal and time together, had this to say about The K Family Kitchen: “It’s a wonderful place; you feel at home here. It’s cozy and the food is always fresh.”

The K Family Kitchen is located at 2302 9th Avenue North. We welcome you and your family to come in for some home-style cooking! Robyn will greet you at the door with a smile and a cup of hot coffee while Ernie gets your order on the table. Spend time at The K Family Kitchen and let our family meet your family.



Monday through Sunday 6:30am – 6:30pm
Holidays 7am -3pm
Closed Christmas Day